Interim Poultry Breeder Weights Released

On January 24, 2017 the State Conservation Commission (SCC) approved Interim Standard Animal Weights for Breeder Poultry to be used in the Act 38 Nutrient and Odor Management Program.

SCC staff has noticed that some breeder poultry facilities are starting the planning process of building these types of facilities in Pa. The current animal weights that are used in the Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) program were developed in 2010 and do not include breeder poultry. On October 28, 2016 SCC staff sent out proposed animal weights and grouping changes for a 60-day public comment period.

Please note that 83.262 (a) (1) (i) of the Act 38 regulations state:

Compute the animal weight for the agricultural operation by multiplying the average number of animals on the agricultural operation by the standard animal weight used by the livestock industry in this Commonwealth. The standard weights contained in guidance published by the Commission may be used to meet this requirement. Other animal weights may be used in place of those in the Commission guidance, if there is sufficient documentation to support their use. For those animal types not included in the Commission guidance, the average animal weight for the operation shall be used for this calculation, taking into account, if applicable, the range of animal weights throughout the time the animals are on the operation.

SCC staff has received multiple comments that standard animal weights are needed for breeder poultry facilities based on these types of facilities being considered for certain parts of Pennsylvania. SCC staff agrees that breeding poultry should be added to the standard animal weights charts as part of the current update process. But at the same time, as some of these facilities are now starting the planning phase, SCC staff asked the SCC to approved interim weights until the entire standard animal weights chart is approved. Based on comments received and with assistance from Penn State poultry experts, the SCC approved the following as interim guidance until a more thorough review can be completed:

Type of Animal
Standard Weight (lbs.) during Production (range)
Breeder Layer Hen: 20-62 wk.
5.83 lbs. (4.3-7.3 lbs.)
Breeder Layer Rooster: 20-62 wk. 8.65 lbs. (6.7-10.6 lbs.)
Breeder Broiler Hen: 4-65 wk. 4.75 lbs. (1-8.5 lbs.)
Breeder Broiler Rooster: 4-65 wk. 6.00 lbs. (1.5-10.5 lbs.)

From the date on this notice, any Nutrient and/or Odor Management Plans should use the above referenced interim weights for breeder poultry in the planning process, unless other weights are determined according to 83.262 (a) (1) (i) of the regulations.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the SCC Regional Coordinators or myself.

Contact Information

Frank Schneider
  • Director of Nutrient Management & Odor Programs, State Conservation Commission
Phone: 717-705-3895