Manure Management Manual Program Website Page

On October 29, 2011, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection published updated manure management guidelines for all agricultural operations in Pennsylvania that produce or use manure on their property. These guidelines are in the found in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Manure Management Manual.

The manual and the accompanying Manure Management Plan Workbook can be accessed and downloaded from DEP’s Manure Management page.

A Manure Management Manual Program page in maintained on the Act 38 Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program website.

This page includes a collection of information related to the Manure Management Manual. In addition to the above link to the DEP Manure Management page and the option to access and download the Manure Management Manual and Manure Management Plan Workbook there are four groupings of information on this website's Manure Management Manual Program page.

  • Overview of DEP's Manure Management Manual - This section includes the Manure Management Manual and publications that provide an overview of the scope and content of the manual.
  • What Type of Nutrient or Manure Plan Do I Need for My Farm? – This section includes the Manure Management Manual Guidance Summary PowerPoint which can be used in meetings with farmers and the agricultural community to provide a brief summary of the requirements outlined in the manual. In addition to the PowerPoint presentation there are several helpful factsheets or handouts which outline the regulatory requirements in Pennsylvania related to livestock, poultry and manure.
  • Materials for Writing Your Manure Management Plan – This section is designed with farmers in mind and includes information a farmer will need to complete their Manure Management Plan. In addition, there are some related factsheets or websites that might be helpful resources in the planning process. This would be an excellent place to direct farmers who have web access to find out more about the Manure Management Manual and what is required.
  • Materials for Conducting a Plan Writing Workshop – This section is for those who want to conduct farmer workshops to write Manure Management Plans. It contains the materials needed to conduct these plan development workshop sessions for farmers. The PowerPoint presentation entitled “Completing a Manure Management Plan” can be reviewed and downloaded here. The sample letter to workshop registrants can also be obtained here.

As new educational materials become available they will be posted on this page. Dates have been added to several of the titles so that updated or revised versions of specific items can be determined more easily. It is recommended that program specialists, farmers and others working with the Manure Management Manual check back frequently for updated or new materials.

For additional information or guidance on the Manure Management Manual contact Ryan Kostival. DEP Environmental Group Manager. Phone: 717-772-5658. Email: