Overview of DEP's Manure Management Manual

Learn about Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Manure Management Manual and Manure Management Plan.

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Pennsylvania DEP's Manure Management Manual. A supplement to Manure Management for Environmental Protection.

Frequently asked questions regarding the land application of manure.

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This brochure highlights two of Pennsylvania's ag-related environmental regulations - PA Chapter 102 (Erosion & Sedimentation) and PA Chapter 91 (Manure Management) and provides a summary of what is needed in a written Agricultural Erosion & Sedimentation Plan and a written Manure Management Plan.

All facilities or properties that have animals that produce manure or apply manure to crop fields and pastures must have a written Manure Management Plan. This includes livestock and poultry operations, small hobby farms (sheep, goats, llamas, etc.), and horse owners.

All farms that plow and till soil, including no-till practices, must develop and implement a written Agricultural and Erosion Sedimentation Control Plan to reduce erosion. Bare areas created by animals, such as exercise lots, must also be addressed in this plan regardless of the number of animals.

This video series provides an overview of two agricultural environmental requirements for Pennsylvania farmers. These regulations are Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management and Chapter 91 Manure Management.