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Pennsylvania Farm*A*Syst Slide Show Set

An 80-slide set and slide descriptions for the Pennsylvania Farm*A*Syst Program are available. The set, “Introducing a Farm Evaluation System,” is designed to introduce the concepts of farm evaluation for water quality protection using the currently developed farmstead features as examples. It may be used with farmer audiences for self-evaluation or with technical audiences as preparation for field training. In addition to slides outlining the process of evaluation and the criteria observed, there are field examples of features evaluated included for each section. Each slide is accompanied by a brief description. The slide set can be used in its entirety or selections can be made from the slides to customize a presentation for a specific use.

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This slide set complements the written Pennsylvania Farm*A*Syst materials that are available from Agricultural Publications Distribution Center, 112 Agricultural Administration Building, University Park, PA 16802, (814) 865-6713, or the local Penn State Extension office.

A slide set is available to be borrowed in every regional Penn State Extension office. Copies are also available from Doug Beegle.

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