Frequently Asked Questions

Does my town allow the use of native plants?

We recommend that you check with your local municipality or borough about any beneficial uses or restrictions they may have on your using native plants in your landscape. No municipality is going to specifically restrict the use of native plants. What they sometimes restrict is height and type of landscaping.

Do I need to call anybody about underground utilities before I dig?

If you will be digging to a depth greater than 2 feet where there are known subsurface utilities in the area, then you should place a toll free call to PA One Call at 1-800-242-1776 or report online at least three days before digging. If there’s a real concern, then someone will contact you and come and mark the locations of each subsurface utility.

Will MAEscapes staff come to my home and help me design a native plant landscapes for free?

No, MAEscapes staff do not design gardens or landscapes. MAEscapes Advisors may assess your sites conditions and make plant selection recommendations only. Consult “Landscaping” in the Yellow Pages of the telephone book for local services.