Demonstration Landscapes

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MAEscapes features nearly 300 species of native plants and their plant communities in a naturalistic setting, ready for you to discover.

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Enjoy picturesque woodlands, edge, meadow, and rain gardens amidst a changing collection of wildflowers, birds and wildlife.

Demonstration Landscapes

This is a hot, dry site with full sun and wind exposure. Native plants are used in groups to hold moisture and physically support each other. "Right Plant, Right Place."

This unique garden mimics woodland or field edge using trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. It receives sun until mid-afternoon and is partly sheltered from the wind. "Wildlife lives on the edge."

Our east and west rain gardens are strategically located to intercept storm water and allow it to soak into the soil, reducing runoff.Water tolerant plants vary and may include herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees. "One Path to Watershed Conservation."

This site receives full sun and contains very poor quality soil. It is landscaped with native grasses and forbs. "Creating a place for the good guys"