Warren County Master Gardener News

Spotted lanternfly adults on Ailanthus. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer
What To Do If You Find Spotted Lanternfly
Jan 16, 2018
This insect is a potential threat to several important crops including grapes, peaches and timber trees. Many sites within the infested area have high populations of spotted lanternflies. Every landowner who effectively uses control measures will help to reduce the potential for this insect to spread to new territory.
New Master Gardener Manual Now Available!
Jan 12, 2018
Penn State Extension has published the newly updated Master Gardener Manual, an expansive guide containing a comprehensive inventory of gardening and landscape-management topics for home gardeners, students and professionals.
Best Landscaping Practices Keep Water Supply Safe
Sep 23, 2016
Eleanor Brown of the Venango County Master Gardeners passes on some tips to ensure that our landscapes don’t contribute to the increasing problem of polluted streams and lakes, including the harmful algae blooms that deplete oxygen and kill fish each year.
Jul 1, 2011
Jul 1, 2011