Making Progress: Master Gardeners’ Educational Garden

The Penn State Master Gardeners in Susquehanna County have been busy building Educational Gardens in the greenway section of the Penn State Extension Office at 88 Chenango Street in Montrose.

Master Gardener Educational Gardens in progress.

Master Gardener Educational Gardens in progress.

The project is part of the 2016-2017 Master Gardener trainee’s group project.

The series of gardens will include a keyhole garden with an underground compost system, straw bale gardens, raised table garden, pallet garden, cinderblock raised garden, lasagna garden, tunnel garden and a galvanized raised bed garden. The gardens will also feature a gardening shed complete with a living green roof as well as an area for 3 fruit trees.

Raised bed gardens will be planted with various cover crops between plantings and over the winter to assist with erosion control and to increase nutrients for the following year’s crops. Raised beds will use drip irrigation, pressure regulators and timers in raised bed gardens for water conservation. Gardens will feature porous walkways which will include pavers that allows rainwater runoff to be absorbed into the ground which will cut down on erosion.

Another focus of these gardens is that they will be handicapped accessible and feature information on gardening for those with disabilities AND these gardens are open to the public! Master Gardeners will host educational garden programs for the community here. Special thanks to the Susquehanna County Soil Conservation District for their support.

We invite you to see our progress and we are always looking for more hands to help. The gardens are expected to be completed by June 30th. For more information contact the Penn State Extension Office at 570-278-1158.