Pike County Master Gardener News

Penn State University Soil Lab Tech, Credit:  Greg Grieco
Knowing Your Soil’s Health is Important for your Lawn and Garden
Apr 20, 2017
Are you getting excited about planting now that spring is here? How about getting your lawn in shape? Before you get carried away with shopping for your garden plants and buying lime and fertilizer, please consider getting your soil tested to find out exactly what nutrients you need in order to have a happy lawn and garden.
Creating a Tick-Resistant Garden
Apr 13, 2017
Pennsylvania leads the nation in Lyme disease cases according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Last year there were 12,092 reported instances, triple the number of the runners up: New York and New Jersey.
Succession Planting in the Perennial Garden
Jan 6, 2017
One of the marvels of landscaping is the perennial border. It's the poster child for a traditional English cottage look. In my imagination, tiny front yards are converted to ever blooming floral oases with a cobblestone path that leads one through the garden to the front door of a thatch roof cottage.
Photo Credit: Kari Nousiainen, Penn State Live
Gifts for Gardeners
Dec 13, 2016
My daughter once said, “I’m so glad you are a gardener, Mom, because I can always find gifts for you.” It’s true that there are many garden-related items readily available in stores and catalogs. Usually, gardeners are easy to please and love to try something new.
Rabbit by Pamela T.  Hubbard
Problem Wildlife
Aug 17, 2016
When I arrived from England nearly forty years ago, I was enchanted by the variety of wildlife in the Poconos. My delight changed to anxiety, however, after planting my first garden and observing the damage from animals feeding, burrowing and digging on and around my plants.