Philadelphia County Master Gardener News

Upcoming Gardening Events
Mar 12, 2018
Gardening events that our Master Gardeners put on can now be found in the "Home Gardening" section of the Penn State Extension website.
Master Gardener Lois Fischer in the Edible Landscape Garden
Buzzworthy News at Penn State Extension Philadelphia's Demonstration Gardens in Fairmount Park!
Jun 21, 2017
The Penn State Extension Philadelphia Master Gardeners are particularly busy this year as their Edible Landscape Garden in Fairmount Park expands through a three year plan, that will more than double the current garden space from 1400 square feet to 4900 square feet.
Philadelphia Gardening Publication
Jun 30, 2016
Philadelphia Master Gardeners have developed a new publication called "Gardening From the Ground Up", which discusses soil health and best practices for Philadelphia Gardens.
Aug 7, 2013