Herb Garden

The purpose of the Herb Garden is to showcase herbs that can be used in everyday cooking (to enhance flavor), in the making of herbal teas, and for crafting, such as making swags and wreaths.

The Herb Garden has about 45 - 50 annual and perennial herb plants. The majority of the plants are perennial, which means they will come back year after year. They range from hops, oregano, thyme and sage to annuals such as basil, rosemary and scented geraniums. 

In setting up an herb garden, the main thing to consider is the right plant in the right place. Most herbs require full sun. Always refer to the label that comes with your plant, as that will have all the information you will need to plant your herbs in the right spot in your garden.

Having an herb garden lets you experiment with color, shape, fragrance, and taste.  Gathering herbs for cooking or making tea can take on a whole new meaning when they come from your own garden. When you grow your own herbs you can control the pesticides, fertilizer and chemicals.