Luzerne County Master Gardener News

Keynote Speaker, Paul Epsom
2018 Spring into Gardening Workshop!
Mar 7, 2018
Paul Epsom is this year’s Spring into Gardening Keynote Speaker! The all-day workshop will include sessions on vegetable gardening, pesticide 101, composting, landscaping mistakes and how to avoid them and much more!
June 28-July 1, 2018
2018 Master Gardener State Conference
Sep 21, 2017
Master Gardeners to host state-wide conference in June 2018.
So What Is a Mason Bee?
Aug 12, 2015
Most of us have heard of honey bees. We know that honey bees are critical to pollination and they make honey. But what about the Mason bee?
The Asparagus Beetle
Aug 12, 2015
The common asparagus beetle, Crioceris asparagi, is yet another pest that those of us that love to grow our own vegetables have to learn to identify and control. Perhaps the only positive thing is that, as its name suggests, it favors the perennial vegetable asparagus.
Growing Turf in Shade
Aug 12, 2015
Many homeowners have at least one spot in their yard that is shaded for several hours during the day. Except for a handful of shade loving plants, it can be difficult to grow almost anything in these areas, especially turfgrass. Fortunately, if you have a shaded area where you would like to grow grass, there are a few things you can do to increase your likelihood of success and fall is an ideal time to try.

Regional Events

Master Gardener State Conference
When: June 28 - July 1, 2018
Where: Seven Springs, PA