Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Did You Know? Bees and other pollinators are hard workers, and that one-in-three bites of the food we eat is a direct result of their efforts?! Pollinating insects play a vital role in Pennsylvania agriculture.

Farmers depend on the work of these insects to pollinate 80 percent of the world’s crops, valued at more than $76 million each year in PA. In recent years, pollinator populations have declined for a number of reasons, from the loss of suitable habitat to pathogens and pesticides.

Pennsylvanians can and should play a role in pollinator protection by becoming backyard or small-scale beekeepers, planting pollinator-friendly gardens or increasing the use of native plants in gardenscapes. With your help, pollinators can continue to set fruit and produce seeds for the future!

Find out how you can help bees and other pollinators thrive by certifying your garden as pollinator friendly. To learn more about this program run by Penn State Master Gardeners visit the Pollinator Garden Certification website. Or contact your local cooperative extension office. In Lackawanna County ask for the Garden Help line at 963-6842 or email LackawannaMG@psu.edu. And look for updates on local efforts as they ramp up later this year.