The Gardens at Yellow Creek State Park (YCSP)

DIRECTIONS: Follow 422 East; turn right after Pike’s Peak Nursery onto South Harmony Road. Follow signs to the North Shore of the park. The Herb Garden is located on the left and the Stake Church Garden is located on the right at the intersection of Harmony and Ray Roads. Park on the roadside.

A.   The Herb Garden features herbs grown by Native Americans as well as those brought to this country by early settlers.  Additionally, there is a small butterfly garden area with host and larval plants.  For visitors’ convenience, all plants are labeled.


B.   The Stake Church Garden, maintained by the PSU Master Gardeners, graces the front of the church and contains plants common to gardens of the 1800’s.  The church, dedicated to John and Sara Stake, was constructed in 1883 and donated to the park in 1994.  The church may be reserved through the park office. 


C.   The Native Species Garden is located in front of the Environmental Learning Center at YCSP. 

DIRECTIONS:  Follow 422 East; turn right at the YCSP sign onto Route 259, just past the Yellow Creek Campground.  Turn left at Pond Lane near the wind turbine.  Park in the lot for Dragonfly Pond and walk up hill to the Environmental Center.

The garden contains plants native to the region. 
It is maintained by the PSU Master Gardeners.