Monarch Relocation Rescue

An abundance of Monarch caterpillars in one Master Gardener's yard triggered a Relocation Rescue where they were placed on available milkweed in the Demonstration Pollinator Garden.

Rescue relocation of Monarch caterpillars into the pollinator garden

Rescue relocation of Monarch caterpillars into the pollinator garden

MG Laurie Collins reports on an exciting event for the pollinator garden Saturday, August 22. An impromptu text from fellow MG Nancy Miller noted that her milkweed was running low because she was overrun with Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Could she bring some in to the Tomato Tasting event to be put in the pollinator garden?

Laurie's response? Why that would be a big fat yes

Many master gardeners wore their Save Monarchs, Plant Milkweed t-shirts for the Tomato Tasting event and it was great to have a tote with milkweed and a dozen or more caterpillars to show visitors. These caterpillars were waiting to go to their last home before molting into their chrysalises. In typical summer temperatures they will emerge in about two weeks.

Laurie provided photos and the following: The rescue relocation team included Nancy Miller who has shared many plants with me and been a supporter of the pollinator garden, Barbara Petrucci who is on the pollinator team and is co-designer of the t-shirt with me, and Cathy Campbell who is also on the pollinator team and has been such a dependable member.

I love how these women reminded me of excited little girls while transferring the caterpillars to the available milkweed. I will treasure this moment for many years. Thank you ladies for being such enthusiastic helpers in the conservation of these disappearing butterflies!

Photos and report from Laurie Collins