Virginia Counsil

Ginny is a devoted gardener who was drawn to the program and decided to give it a try when it fit into her schedule. She found the training program challenging and intensive, offering “a solid foundation on the basics of the many areas of gardening. Horticulture experts from around the state do the instruction and then our own Master Gardening experts from Clinton County are available to answer any questions.” The knowledge gained from the training program, in addition to personal experience growing her own flowers, has given Ginny confidence as a Master Gardener volunteer. She would like to teach others how to use research-based best gardening practices; her major interest is pollinator gardens. “The world,” she says, “needs pollinators; bees, butterflies, birds and bats are in decline due to environmental stressors such as loss of habitat and pesticides. Growing a pollinator garden is the next project for my yard!” Our food supply depends upon the action of pollinators, Ginny believes, and we can each contribute to the health of our food-supply system by creating pollinator gardens and by learning how to rid our gardens of invasive species and bad bugs effectively and intelligently, with minimal damage to the environment.