Candy Gore

As a child, Candy always loved gardening with her mother. When she moved to California and started a family, she enjoyed being able to maintain a year-round garden and to learn as much as she could about environmentally thoughtful methods of planting. When she moved back to Pennsylvania, she realized how little she knew about gardening in this area. How does one prepare for winter? What are the native plants that will thrive here on the East coast? She found that the Master Gardener volunteers at the farmers’ market and the articles that appeared regularly in the paper were helpful in answering her questions, and she vowed to enter the Master Gardener program when she got the chance. One of Candy’s goals, now that she has completed the training, is to encourage more people to become involved in gardening and “to use what you have” by finding creative uses for everyday items. She is also interested in learning more about, and promoting, “food forests,” a sustainable ecosystem that she believes would be readily adaptable to our area. She describes a Master Gardener (a term she says that can sound a bit pretentious) as “someone who doesn’t necessarily know the answer but knows how to find the answer.” With the vast research available from Penn State, she believes “the community has a treasure in this program.”