Annuals for sale at this year's plant sale

  • New Guinea Impatiens: purple, pink, white, orange 
  • SunPatiens: multiple colors
  • Non-Stop Begonias: multiple colors
  • Wave Petunias: purple, red, white, blue 
  • Millionbells: multiple colors
  • Coleus: Multiple colors
  • Zinnias: Zahara Yellow, Zahara Fire, Zahara Scarlet, Zahara Cherry, Dreamland Mix
  • Verbena: 'Homestead purple'
  • Euphorbia: 'Breathless'
  • Dahlias: Multiple varieties and sizes
  • Marigolds: red-orange single bloom
  • Alyssum: white, purple
  • Mexican Sunflower: orange
  • Combo pot of three plants for make-your-own hanging baskets
  • Geranium: multiple colors
  • Waxed Begonia: multiple colors
  • Gerbera Daisy: multiple colors
  • Large, pre-filled hanging baskets