Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden in the Demonstration Garden at the Berks County Agricultural Center

The Native Garden is a designated section within the larger Penn State Master Gardener Demonstration Garden at the Berks County Agricultural Center.

The Native Garden is found just to the left of the main sidewalk from the parking lot, within an oval bordered by paver walks.  While native plants are scattered elsewhere throughout the gardens, this section is a concentrated assembly of plants that would have been found in this part of Pennsylvania before the arrival of European immigrants.  The colors and forms displayed here should persuade any gardener that native plants can comprise a beautiful and interesting landscape planting.

Look in shadier areas of the Demonstration Garden for more natives that are not included in this full-sun bed.

Having matured over nearly two decades, the Native Garden will be rejuvenated in 2018. It will continue to be instructive throughout the process, but should emerge with a fresh design and a less cluttered appearance.