Kindergarten Readiness Videos

This series of 6 short programs helps parents and caregivers to understand how they can use everyday interactions and materials found in the home to help their child prepare for kindergarten. Each video explores a different domain of early learning and demonstrates ways in which parents/caregivers can foster skill development in each area. The final video provides guidance for parents and caregivers who have concerns about their child’s level of “readiness” for school.

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The purpose of this program is to help parents and caregivers to support children through the transition from childcare, nursery school or home to the school setting. Parents and caregivers will learn how they can use everyday activities as well as items ordinarily found in the home to help children build a strong foundation for learning. The four domains of early learning will be explored: Cognitive Skills, Social-Emotional Skills, Learning Skills and Physical Motor Skills.

Cognitive Skills are those concepts we typically think of first when talking about children being ready to enter school. Cognitive skills are also called “knowing” skills because they are the foundation on which future skills are built.

This domain includes a critical area of development for early school success. These skills enable a child to play cooperatively with other children, share, solve problems using words, control emotional outbursts and feel good about him/herself.

Physical skills development is all about teaching children how to control their bodies. This area is important for children to develop many skills for life, including walking, dressing, writing, eating and tending to personal hygiene.

When children are ready and eager to learn, they are open to absorbing, questioning and processing all the information that is around them. Learning skills include: being attentive, listening in a group, following simple directions, asking questions, staying with a task, and exploring.

Many parents question if they should wait another year before sending their child to kindergarten. This video will help parents to look at delaying sending their child to kindergarten from two perspectives.