Families Count

Practical tips for families. These short publications on various child topics are great to share with your friends, family, and other child care providers.

Topics include: a letter from "a kid" to his/her parents and putting their senses to work.

Topics include: feeding children ... are you doing your job?, Portion Size, Fast food control, and the importance of snacks.

The Gift of Art. Includes (1) talking about Art, (2) Art appreciation basics, and (3) books can be a window into the world of art.

Topics include: family activities to do together, when are organized sports good for children?, and smart snacking.

Topics include: family volunteering, listen to your children, and building family traditions for the holidays

Keep Curiosity Strong: Most children are born curious, but many children lose their curiosity all too soon. As a parent, you can do a great deal to keep the flame of curiosity strong.

Why do children reject food? What eating behavior can be expected from young children (babies, toddlers, preschoolers)? Find out answers to your questions about feeding your child.

Topics include: get sporty, Join your kids in their games, play games together, babies need exercise too, household chores are great exercise, and tricks for getting more exercise.

Topics include: learning about measurement, learning about patterns and sorting, and learning about shapes and space.

Topics include:self-control, self-control matters, what can I do to help my child?, birth through toddler years, the preschool years, stress and self-control, and early to bed.

Topics include: reaching developmental milestones vary by child, enjoying fun activities with your child, Checking their eyes, and does my child have a speech, language, or hearing delay.

Includes: make your child a savvy consumer, teach your child to save, buy buy buy does not spell L-O-V-E, think before you buy, books and resources for children and adults.

Topics include: Making a playful home, play is the way, turn off the TV, and is my child OK?

Topics include: warning signs of stress, ways to reduce stress, where are your friends?, and things to do with kids (stess-reducing activities)

Topics include Great Science Books for Kids and Getting Your Child Off to a Good Start in Science.

Topics include: getting beyond the "gimmes", what if my child is disappointed by holiday gifts, great holiday craft idea, and helping children deal with holiday stresses.

Topics include: when to wash hands and germ surprises in the home.

Topics include: cookies and milk, tips for involving your child with lunch, smart snacking, best drinks for young children, packing a healthful lunch, and come together at mealtime.

Topics include Morning Madness, Bedtime Routines, and Gentle Goodbyes,

Topics include: "Learning to solve problems" and "Learning about emotions."

Topics include: "Does your child drive you crazy with 'why' questions?", "Do your kids squabble?", plus "Ten ways to encourage your child’s thinking," "Let them fail," and "Family fun."

Topics include: What Is the Simplest Way to Improve Your Child's Behavior? and Bedtime Routines

Topics include: 20 fun things to do with your toddler, what to expect from toddlers, how to handle typical toddler behaviors, toilet learning, and fun play ideas to do with toddlers.

Five plants that are easy for children to grow and activities to do with the plants. Also information on the Sounds of Summer and making a home for crickets.

Topics include: a place for everything, children need chores, make chores fun, laundry tricks, and toys with play value for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Topics include: changes are hard, dinner conversations, and read books about time.

Topics include: getting the most our of a parent-provider conference and drawing - a great activity for young children

Strategies for adults and children to manage anger.

Understand why children act out or don't follow rules. Ideas for helping children learn appropriate behaviors. Also learning about time.