Parents & Families

Practical tips for families. These short publications on various child topics are great to share with your friends, family, and other child care providers.

Tips to Help Your Child Succeed.

A guide to selecting quality care for your child

Healthy nutrition and feeding practices are foundational for the growth of young children. Knowing what and how to feed children in infancy through the early years is important for families and caregivers as they help establish healthy habits that will carry through until adulthood. The ABCs of Growing Healthy Kids are a helpful resource for providing general feeding information from birth through six years of age. Specific topics of interest are also covered such as picky eaters, healthy snacks and breakfast ideas. Downloadable PDFs are available for printing and sharing.

This series of 6 short programs helps parents and caregivers to understand how they can use everyday interactions and materials found in the home to help their child prepare for kindergarten. Each video explores a different domain of early learning and demonstrates ways in which parents/caregivers can foster skill development in each area. The final video provides guidance for parents and caregivers who have concerns about their child’s level of “readiness” for school.