Discussion forums

What are the discussion forums?

Better Kid Care's new discussion forum feature is available to participants who have completed any lesson in our online On Demand lesson system. The discussion forum provides a way to interact with an early childhood or youth development instructor, discuss application to your own early care and education or school-age setting, reflect on what was learned, read comments and ideas from other providers, and respond to those ideas.

How do I participate in a discussion forum?

To participate in the forum for a completed lesson, select the Discussion Forum link from the lesson information screen for that specific lesson. The discussion forum associated with that lesson becomes available. Just click on the button to enter the forum. After a user participates with at least three discussion posts and/or responses to other participants' posts, the certificate of completion for that specific lesson will note "Participated in Discussion Forum"; however, no additional professional development hours will be credited for participation.

What discussion forums are available?

After a lesson is completed, the user selects the Discussion Forum button to enter the forum associated with the completed lesson. All Better Kid Care On Demand lessons are associated with one of the following nine discussion forums. To see what lessons are linked to each forum, select Discussion Forum from the On Demand menu.

  • Child Growth and Development
  • Child Assessment
  • Communication
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • Behavior Management
  • The Environment and Curriculum
  • Program Organization and Administration
  • Professionalism and Leadership
  • Families in Society

Why can't I post a comment to a discussion forum?

To participate in a discussion forum you must first complete a lesson. There is a letter "C" in the far right column on the lesson list to designate that you completed the lesson.