Inspiring Voice From the Field…

For Marian Andrews, early childhood education is a second career after spending twenty years in the mortgage processing business. Although she had taken some education classes before working in the mortgage industry, she had never used them. Once she switched careers, she used TEACH and Rising Stars dollars to complete an associate’s degree in early childhood education at Delaware County Community College.

Marian is now the director at Loving Care Children’s Learning Center in Folsom, PA, a small center with five classrooms and seven staff. She finds value in Better Kid Care’s (BKC) online modules “to refresh my memory on things learned and forgotten.” Recently she recommended the “Preschool Foundations: Nurture Interactions and Guide Behavior” to her preschool staff. “It was nice to see my teachers immediately starting to use some of the techniques and suggestions offered in the class,” she stated. 

In the past, Marian used to only attend in-person trainings but now that BKC modules incorporate more videos and interactive content, she considers online options. It is “much better than it used to be,” she says. Marian is a big believer in the importance of lifelong learning in that “it helps teachers get excited all over again. Sometimes, we as teachers begin to get in a rut or we forget. I personally haven’t ever taken a class where I haven’t at least learned one thing that I could use.”  In fact, this past spring, she and her staff were inspired by a BKC gardening module and they planted a “pizza garden” as part of their summer programming.