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Community-Based Services: Connect Families;  Family Child Care: A Unique Role In Supporting Family Engagement; Physical Activities for Young Children: Lead with Confidence

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Community-Based Services: Connect Families

 Community-based services provide families and children with needed resources and information. Early care and education (ECE) professionals who learn about their community’s resources, and connect families with these resources, provide an important bridge to services. Family engagement is foundational to supporting this process. ECE professionals who build relationships with families are better able to communicate with, collaborate with, and provide information to families. (K3.4 C1, CDA4) 2 hours

Family Child Care: A Unique Role In Supporting Family Engagement

Family child care programs are in a unique position to support quality family engagement practices that contribute to positive outcomes for children and families. Strong family engagement is critical, not supplemental, in promoting children’s healthy development, learning, and wellness. Learn how to build positive partnerships with families, work through challenges to family engagement, and improve the quality of care for children and families in your family child care program. (K3.1 C1 CDA4) 2 hours

Physical Activities for Young Children: Lead with Confidence

Physical activity is as important for the growth and development of young children as is the establishment of healthy eating habits. Successful introduction of movement to children requires well-organized, fun, inclusive activities that have clear instructions and planned transitions. This module prepares the early care and education professional to plan and implement physical activities with young children and includes a wealth of practical, low cost, and easy-to-implement activities. (K7.3 C2, CDA2) 2 hours