PYD Mastery: Program Planning and Development

This mastery module is for current program directors or managers, and those who desire to advance into an administrative role in out-of-school time programs serving 5- to 18-year-olds. This module illustrates the range of responsibilities of program managers, including use of sound business practices; hiring and managing personnel; establishing positive relationships with families and communities; providing high quality programming; and ensuring efficient use of resources. (K6.9 C2) 2 hours

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  • Show how sound business practices and administrative policies support the day-to-day management of out-of-school programs (including licensing, insurance, record keeping, building maintenance, etc.).
  • Apply current personnel management practices to recruit, train, supervise, and maintain positive relationships with a knowledgeable, skilled, and caring workforce.
  • Establish positive, ongoing, two-way relationships with families and the larger community.
  • Illustrate how mission-driven policies, age-appropriate curriculum, and ongoing observation, evaluation, and reflection contribute to high quality programs, as well as ensure compliance with regulations and professional standards.
  • Demonstrate a financial management plan that reflects the program’s mission, utilizes resources efficiently and lawfully, and prepares for future program needs.

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