PYD Foundations: Safety and Wellness

In this lesson youth development professionals and volunteers who serve children and youth ages 5-18 in OST settings will learn the guidelines for safe operation of programs. They will analyze the key environmental hazards and how to prepare their sites for safety on a daily basis, as well as to prepare for emergencies. Finally, they plan to adopt routines and practices to support the physical and emotional health and wellness of all children and youth in their care. (K7.1 C1) 2 hours

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  • Learn how to find the state regulations regarding supervision, first aid treatment, fire safety, infectious diseases, emergency plans, and reporting of child abuse and neglect, and know where to find additional information as needed.

  • Analyze the indoor and outdoor environment with awareness of hazards, and make corrections to prevent injury.
  • Plan the schedule, routines, and procedures to promote the nutritional, physical, and emotional health and wellness of all the children and youth in the program.
  • Assist the children and youth to develop habits and mindsets that promote lifelong health and well-being.

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