Preschool Foundations: Understand Physical and Cognitive Development

Children’s physical and cognitive growth requires an understanding of child development and instructional practices that support children’s overall healthy development. Learn best practices for preschool professionals to create foundational experiences, environments, and interactions that support the development of physical and cognitive development in preschoolers. Review and build current practices with assessment activities to improve quality care for preschoolers. ( K1.8 C2, CDA2) 2 hours

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  • Define physical and cognitive development.
  • Identify developmentally appropriate experiences, environments, and interactions to support children’s physical and cognitive development.
  • Define executive function skills, and explain why they are important to learning and children’s healthy development.
  • Identify practices that support building executive function skills with preschoolers.
  • Assess current practices to make improvements that raise the quality for physical and cognitive development of preschoolers.
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