Picky Eaters: A Guide to Responsive Feeding

One of the most rewarding nurturing experiences for families and caregivers is to satisfy children’s hunger for food. When children display eating behaviors that adults perceive as “picky” or “fussy,” mealtimes fill adults with anxiety and stress. This module explores ways to incorporate responsive feeding techniques beginning in infancy to develop healthy eating behaviors in children who may experience sensory issues and neophobia with food.(K7.13 C2, CDA 2) 2 hours

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  • Identify reasons young children may respond to food with “picky eating” behavior.
  • Examine strategies for responsive feeding techniques in early childhood that support healthy eating behaviors.
  • Describe positive support techniques for healthy eating behaviors in young children.
  • Discover how to engage parents in responsive feeding practices.
  • Develop a plan to address “picky eating” in the early care and education setting.

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Picky Eaters: A Guide to Responsive Feeding

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