New Staff Orientation – Working with School-Age Youth

"New Staff Orientation – Working with School-Age Youth" is a seven-hour lesson consisting of twelve chapters. The chapters are designed to guide you as you work with your program director, children, families, and co-workers to learn about new job responsibilities and ways to provide high quality care to school-age youth. Completion of both this module and “New Staff Orientation – Get Started” meets the required fifteen hours for new staff professionals in Pennsylvania. (K6.2 C1) 7 hours

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Newly hired school-age professionals will:

  • Identify best practices for school-age care in the areas of health and safety, programming, and assessment.
  • Describe the typical development of the school-ager (K-8th grade) and ways to support positive development in OST settings.
  • Discuss and reflect on individual professional goals as a new employee joining a team of school-age providers.
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