Foundations of Child Development for Child Care Center Teachers

Child care professionals are responsible for environments, experiences and interactions that help all children in child care thrive and reach their full potential. The challenge is for the center child care provider to demonstrate how to meet the developmental needs of children of many different ages. In this module, providers can learn predictable ways that children change and learn new skills over time, to give the provider a solid foundation for daily practice and decision-making. (K1.7 C1 CDA8) 2 hours

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  • Identify the benefits of learning about typical child development.
  • Recognize the abilities children are born with that equip them to learn so much so quickly in the first years of life.
  • Identify and describe the five domains of development and some of the changes that occur as children develop over time.
  • Learn strategies to support children’s development in the child care center classroom.

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