Click2Science: Creating a Safe Space for STEM Learning

Youth need a safe space for learning STEM skills in after school programs. Safe space includes physical safety as well as emotional and social safety that should be a part of the culture of all after school programs. Through interactive experiences and resources, learn skills to create a safe space for youth for STEM learning experiences and to focus on interests and developmental levels of youth. This is one of 20 STEM facilitation skills that help STEM click for school-age children and youth. (K1.8 C2) 2 hours

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  • Learn to support students as they learn and practice use of the scientific process, including encouraging trial and error in STEM learning environments.
  • Promote a mutually respectful, relaxed, supportive environment that is characterized by encouraging new ideas and accepting of different perspectives.
  • Model ways to give and receive constructive criticism, to resolve conflicts, and to be accepting of mistakes.

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