Click2Science: Connecting with Community Partners

Out-of-school time programs strengthen STEM learning by developing and deepening relationships with community partners. STEM-rich industries, interested academic and community-based STEM organizations bring expertise and creativity to school-age science, technology, engineering, and math efforts. Learn how to go beyond simply completing a joint project to building a relationship with stakeholders. Review model programs, practitioner advice, planning guides and a simple STEM activity. (K3.9 C2) 2 hours

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  • Know the levels of STEM partnerships—ways to move beyond a simple project to collaboration.
  • Identify STEM-rich businesses, industries, and community-based organizations/departments with whom the OST program can partner.
  • Evaluate current STEM partnerships based on quality partnership indicators.
  • Describe ways to facilitate positive STEM experiences with partners and support STEM experts who may need extra guidance as they engage and manage groups of school-age youth.

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