Click2Science: Connected Learning

Out-of-school time facilitators have the challenge of making STEM interactions with children more effective by connecting planned experiences with previous knowledge or concerns of the children. Learn effective teaching strategies to match a STEM experience with children’s interests and skills. This lesson is one of twenty Click2Science lessons designed to help frontline staff facilitate STEM experiences. (K2.12 C2) 2 hours

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  • Describe a variety of ways to gather information about a child’s or group’s prior knowledge and prior experiences related to a STEM topic.
  • Explain the relationship between intentional child observations and documentation and successful “connected learning” and STEM interactions.
  • Describe Vygotsky’s concept of Zone of Proximal Development and how knowing each child’s ZPD will help the facilitator plan appropriate STEM experiences.
  • Outline a STEM experience, using a child’s prior knowledge or interests as data to plan the experience in an appropriate “zone.”

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