Childhood Obesity Prevention: LMCC – Support Infant Feeding

Goal number five in the Let’s Move! Child Care initiative is to support infant breastfeeding by encouraging mothers to breastfeed. Breastfeeding benefits mothers and babies in many ways, including helping to prevent childhood obesity. Continuing to breastfeed for the recommended amount of time can be challenging, especially when children need to be in child care. Child care providers will learn practical solutions for encouraging and supporting mothers to breastfeed their babies.(K7.13 C1, CDA 2) 2 hours

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  • Understand the LMCC Support Breastfeeding goal and best practices for infant feeding.
  • Know the benefits of supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies.
  • Discover strategies and ideas to create a private room for mothers to use to breastfeed or pump.
  • Learn about the resources and tips available on the Let’s Move! Child Care website.

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