Childhood Obesity Prevention: LMCC – Offer Healthy Beverages

The fourth goal in the Let’s Move! Child Care Initiative is to provide (offer) healthy beverages. Calories found in beverages count just like calories in food so it is important to make sure that the healthiest choices are offered. With so many beverage options now available, the choices can be confusing to parents and caregivers. Child care providers will learn appropriate beverage options for children in their care, the benefits of healthy beverages and strategies for how best to transition to serving them. (K7.12 C2, CDA 2) 2 hours

Lesson objectives

  • Know the benefits of providing healthy beverages.
  • Understand Let’s Move! Child Care Goal Four and best practices for providing and offering healthy beverages.
  • Get strategies and ideas for providing healthy beverages.
  • Learn about the resources and tips available on the Let’s Move! Child Care Website

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