Childhood Obesity Prevention: LMCC – Limit Screen Time

Goal two in Let’s Move! Child Care is to reduce (limit) screen time. Studies show that children who spend more time viewing TV are at an increased risk for overweight and obesity due to increased sedentary activity. Screen time refers to all digital media including TV and can interfere with cognitive development for children under the age of two. Child care providers will learn the best practice recommendations and gain an understanding for why it is important to reduce (limit) screen time for young children. (K7.3 C2, CDA 2) 2 hours

Lesson objectives

  • Identify the benefits of reducing or managing screen time.
  • Understand Let’s Move! Child Care Goal 2 and best practices for screen time.
  • Determine strategies and ideas to reduce or eliminate screen time in your child care program.
  • Learn about the resources and tips available on the Let’s Move! Child Care website.

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