Click2Science: Testing-Testing-1-2-3

People who are comfortable with testing and retesting are better equipped for 21st Century STEM work. OST staff and volunteers can intentionally support the testing and retesting phase of science and engineering experiences to nurture this attitude in today’s youth. Learn the basics about testing during an inquiry experience and view examples of testing from OST settings. Try a simple STEM experience that staff can use to introduce the idea of testing variables to children. (K2.15 C2) 2 hours

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  • Describe where testing and retesting fit into the overall science and engineering process and into identified 21st century skills.
  • List common terms used by science and engineering professionals during the testing phase of research and development.
  • Create a simple paper structure and test it by varying aspects of the design or launching.
  • Support children in using testing, observations, and retesting as strategies to increase the level of inquiry and understanding in STEM experiences.
  • Describe how to reframe “mistakes” or “failures” into development trials and learning opportunities.

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