Click2Science: Desarrollando una Identidad de Ciencias e Ingeniería

The lack of a STEM “identity” is often cited as one of the main reasons that young people don’t pursue STEM courses and careers. Learn the truth about identity development. Learn to nurture a growth mindset in the school-age children in your care. Try out several identity activities while learning how to impact the next generation of science learners. This module includes practical examples from practitioners and ample on-line resources to encourage youth to pursue their STEM potential. (K1.4 C2) 2 hours

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the basics of a person’s self-identity or self-concept and its development.
  • Explain how a positive STEM identity in youth contributes to a positive future STEM workforce.
  • Describe the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.
  • Identify strategies to support youth in developing positive STEM identities.
  • Demonstrate facilitation skills that engage youth as learners, users and contributors to the fields of science and engineering.