The Basics of Caring for Children in Your Home

The Basics for Caring for Children in Your Home is a series of tip, activity and lunch/snack ideas.

Understanding the unique needs and strengths of children and using early care and education best practices are important to early childhood practitioners as they provide quality care to children. Penn State Better Kid Care has a large collection of resources to support developmentally appropriate teaching approaches and best practices. 

Tip pages offer research-based information for understanding children and developing programs, Activity pages offer ideas for planning fun activities that support early learning, and Lunch and Snack pages offer nutritious, easy-to-make recipes and food tips. The information and ideas are relevant for all early education and care programs and are a great way to learn, to be inspired, and to support professional development.

Activity pages

Lunch and Snack pages

These pages offer research-to-practice information relevant to early care and education