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Intentional Interactions
Dec 12, 2017
Relationships are the active ingredient for learning. Children's relationships with adults, peers, and the world around them are the foundation for all growth.
New in On Demand…
Dec 6, 2017
Online Learning: Best Practices to Maximize Professional Development; PYD Mastery: Learning Environment and Curriculum; Taking Steps to Healthy Success: Healthy Eating
Raising Children Who Care
Dec 5, 2017
Adults are very important in a child’s life. Children need nurturing adults to guide them throughout childhood. You can see empathy, caring, and compassion in your young children, but you need to cultivate these wonderful qualities for children to grow up happy, have better relationships, and have the skills needed to make a difference in the world.
Once this art is displayed, a teacher can have conversations with toddlers about it, recalling how they swung a pendulum back and forth to create the arcs of color. (Art photo provided by Shannon Clarke, EC Educator, MacKids Learning Academy, Kansas City
Celebrate creativity through effective art displays
Nov 13, 2017
Do the children in your program sometimes demonstrate amazing creativity? Do they explore art media in interesting, unique ways? Celebrate their work through effective displays!
Oct 19, 2017
Almost 50 years ago a friend and colleague, Jim Van Horn, wrote an article about parenting. Read the article now, and you find everything he said is still relevant for parents today.

PA On-site Training

Better Kid Care: Guiding Behavior for Our Youngest
When: Dec 18, 2017
Where: Penn State Extension, Dauphin County, 1451 Peters Mountain Road, Dauphin, PA 17018
Better Kid Care: Outdoor Play and Exploration
When: Jan 4, 2018
Where: Penn State Extension Chester County, Government Services Center, 601 Westtown Road, Suite 370, West Chester, PA 19380
Better Kid Care: Whose Behavior is it Anyway?
When: Jan 9, 2018
Where: Penn State Extension Franklin County, 181 Franklin Farm Lane, Chambersburg, PA 17202
Better Kid Care: Asking Purposeful Questions
When: Jan 11, 2018
Where: Penn State Extension, Dauphin County, 1451 Peters Mountain Road, Dauphin, PA 17018
Outdoor Play and Exploration
When: Jan 13, 2018
Where: Penn State Extension Lancaster County, 1383 Arcadia Road, Downstairs Training Room, Lancaster, PA 17601