Comparing 4-H with Other Youth Organizations

Title: Comparing 4-H with Other Youth Organizations

Authors: Rama Radhakrishna
Year: 2005

Source: Unpublished

Description: The major purpose of the study was to compare 4-H with other youth
organizations in helping to learn skills such as leadership development, personal development, agriculture subject knowledge, communications skills and community development.

Major Findings: Alumni were asked to indicate membership in other youth organizations
while they were in 4-H. Alumni indicated that they were also members in other youth
organizations such as boys and girl scouts, church groups, FFA, youth groups, YMCA, YWCA, Community Sports Clubs, and Young Farmers, etc., More than one-half of alumni indicated that 4-H was “most helpful” in learning agriculture (60%), leadership development (57%), responsibilities (61%), self-worth and self-confidence (55%), and communication skills (53%). However, alumni indicated that other youth programs and 4-H were more or less the same (44%) in learning cooperation and team work skills.

  • 91% “strongly agreed” that knowledge and skills gained in 4-H continue to benefit them in their adult lives.
  • 93% indicated that they would recommend 4-H to young people.
  • 87% would recommend adults to become 4-H leaders or volunteers.
  • 76% “agreed” that 4-H helped young people out of trouble better than other youth programs.