Alumni Views of Pennsylvania 4-H

Title: Alumni Views of Pennsylvania 4-H

Authors: Rama Radhakrishna
               Megan Sinasky
Year: 2004

Source: Proceedings of the NAE4-H Association Conference, 58, p. 44

Description: The goal of the study was to ascertain the views of former 4-H members
relative to their 4-H experiences. A total of 158 former 4-H members (alumni) responded to a mail survey in 2003-04.

Major Findings: 78% of respondents had joined 4-H before age 11, 10% at age 12, and 6% at age 14.

  • Respondents had participated in 4-H an average of 8.5 years.
  • 79% held an officer position in 4-H.
  • On average, respondents had completed 23 projects with a low of 3 and a high of 100.
  • Animal science projects were the most enrolled (64%), followed by leadership and personal development (60%), family and consumer science (34%), environmental education and earth sciences (31%), communication and expressive arts, healthy lifestyles (28%), and citizenship and civic education (23% each).
  • 85% indicated that 4-H projects and activities were very useful.
  • 75% experienced challenges and responsibilities that helped them later in life.
  • 78% said 4-H experiences contributed to leadership development; 77% to personal development, 67% to communication, 65% to agriculture, 65% to community.
  • 66% said that 4-H participation influenced their later life experiences.
  • 78% reported positive attitude toward overall 4-H program.
  • 86% of the respondents indicated that 4-H experience was very beneficial to them.
  • 74% left 4-H due to age limitations, while 26% dropped out due to other reasons.