4-H Afterschool

4-H Afterschool includes two basic types of 4-H delivery modes as defined in the new National Definitions of 4-H Delivery Modes: Youth members of organized 4-H clubs and youth participating in school-aged child care programs.

Youth members of organized 4-H clubs

1c. 4-H after school clubs are organized within child care settings. They have officers and planned activities. A child care setting is defined broadly as any setting after school, whether it be in school, in a community center or some other setting. The difference between this category and item 6 is that the group elects officers and is involved in planning its activities.

Youth participating in school-aged child care programs

6. 4-H Afterschool is any educational program offered to youth outside of school hours, usually in a school or other community center and incorporating 4-H curricula. The primary purpose is to provide care for youth while parents are working or unavailable. The group is using 4-H curricula, but is not electing officers. For example, community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, YM/YWCAs, 21st Century Learning Centers.

See the Logic Model of Pennsylvania 4-H Afterschool Programming for more information on who is reached by 4-H Afterschool and with whom extension collaborates.

There is a need to centralize support for after-school programming statewide for Extension to play a leadership role at the state and county level.