State Council

The Pennsylvania 4-H State Council is a premier group of young people selected from around the state to be the official spokespeople for the Pennsylvania 4-H program.

2018 State Council Team

2018 State Council Team

New Council Process: Memo Posted April 16, 2018

Please read an important announcement about the new selection schedule and process for the 2019 State Council team.

Our mission and vision

The mission of the Pennsylvania 4-H State Council is to promote and represent 4-H in everything they do with integrity, positive teamwork, and pride.

The vision of the Pennsylvania 4-H State Council is to strive for active participation in all aspects of the 4-H program and become recognized for leadership and dedication.

What we do

Being a Council member means giving back to the Pennsylvania 4-H program. In giving back, the possibilities are endless because the Council members' talents and experiences are so diverse. Some examples have included: speaking to the US Secretary of Agriculture, doing workshops at camps and conferences, presenting for county officer trainings, sitting on boards for county Extension programs, hosting and facilitating events.

A major function of the team is the promotion of the Pennsylvania 4-H program. Council members speak to their peers and adults in a variety of settings during their terms. These groups include local / state / national government officials, civic groups, university officials, and the general public.

State Council facilitates the statewide service project that is carried out throughout the year.

The State Council plans and implements the annual State Leadership Conference in its entirety from decorations to speakers. Members work in conjunction with State 4-H staff, members of Collegiate 4-H, and university faculty / staff to ensure a successful event.

Additional activities can be found in the Handbook.


  1. 4-H age 16-18 and be enrolled as a 4-H member through the duration of their term
  2. In good standing with your county 4-H program
  3. Possess the following characteristics and qualities:
    • Have county, multi-county or regional level leadership experience. Attendance at state events is a plus
    • Public speaking skills
    • Comfortable working in diverse teams
    • Able to follow directions
    • Responsible and can follow through
    • Energetic and has a positive attitude
    • Creative
    • A positive role model
    • Can make quick but thoughtful decisions
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Respectful
    • Outgoing and enthusiastic
    • Honest
    • Sincere
    • Loyal
    • Friendly
    • Involve others when making decisions
    • Proud of the job they do and always do their best
    • Exceptional teamwork skills
    • Skills and abilities, standards and ideals, grooming, speech, and smiles represent the very best of Pennsylvania 4-H


Contact your county extension office today or check the sidebar of our website for an application. The deadline is September 10, 2018. Review our State Council Handbook for more information.

You can also learn more by attending our State Council Informational Session.

The Selection Process

  1. Fill out and submit an application (all pieces must be received by the deadline to be considered)
  2. Interview at the State 4-H Office
  3. On-stage portion at State Leadership Conference- short introduction speech, impromptu question, peer vote (2 per county)
  4. If chosen, Council members will participate in officer selection at State Leadership Conference. The final announcement of officer positions will be on stage at Closing Ceremonies.