2015 State Fashion Revue a Success!

47 participants from across the state competed in the State 4-H Fashion Revue on August 5th. Attendees learned about Textile Design, Tips for Success, a Fashion Scavenger Hunt, and a textiles service project.

Congratulations to the Honor Group

Congratulations to the Honor Group

The contestants modeled at the 2015 evening fashion show for all State Days participants.

Congratulations to the Honor Group, from left to right: Joanna Wagner (Montgomery); Kyra Rotz (Franklin); Diana Sarnicke (Washington); Morgan Narducci (Montgomery); Christina Williams (Bucks); Erin Schaffer (Tioga, 3rd place); Natalie Sensenig (Lancaster, 2nd place);Morgan Melton (Lancaster); Katie Kreider (Lebanon, 1st place); Laura Sensenig (Lancaster); Brooke Hostetter (Lancaster); Ellie Hostetter (Lancaster).

Tips from Fashion Revue Judges and Participants

  • We asked State Fashion Revue participants about their preparation for Fashion Revue competition. Most reported that their leader did not prepare them. They learned from other members who had been in Fashion Revue before. Most reported that they learned modeling tips from the workshops at their Regional Fashion Revue.
  • Several participants reported that their leader had worked with them on interview skills, modeling skills, and making sure that they knew the correct terms for the skills that they had learned while making their ensemble. A Fashion Revue leaflet is available from your Extension Office to help you help them.
  • Several judges reported that members need to do a better job of removing bulk in seams, collars, and cuffs. Trimming and grading are important skills.
  • One judge commented it was good to see members using up-to-date skills such as using a double needle for hems in knits.
  • One judge was concerned that youth who made simple outfits should be guided to use fashion fabric, rather than quilting cotton. She mentioned that members should be encouraged to buy fabric on-line, if fashion fabrics are not available locally.
  • Good pressing is very important to a successful outfit.
  • Several judges were concerned that youth tackled projects that were too far beyond their skill level. We want to give youth a successful experience. A good guideline is to build on the skills the child already has by adding only one or two new elements such as a different fabric, or a lining, or a zipper, or a collar, or sleeves. Trying to learn too many new skills will result in frustration and a less-than-quality finished product. See “Progression of Skills”.