Clint Peters at the National Shooting Competition 2011

News Stories from Pa participants at the National Invitational

by Clint Peters

My trip to San Antonio this June is one that I won’t forget for many different reasons. The first reason is that San Antonio is a beautiful city and I had always wanted to go there to see the sites and explore parts of Texas that I had never been to before. Another reason is because I was getting to go and shoot air pistol at my very first National Invitational. The trip was mostly a success and it was very well attended with just about everything running smoothly and on time. However, amidst all these good things I have to say about our trip to San Antonio and the way it was planned out by National 4-H, there are some things that had many people confused and were poorly planned out. I am not clear who is at fault, or even that it wasn’t my own, but we basically walked into our discipline the most unprepared we could be. I personally never received any paperwork as far as what we would need in order to be fully prepared for our contest. It turns out that the Pennsylvania State Days air pistol event is nothing like the National air pistol event. There were parts to their contest that we had never heard of and technically should have been immediately disqualified from for not having the right equipment in order to even compete. If it had not been for a Wisconsin team that so kindly let us borrow their back-up equipment we would have never been able to compete. All in all the trip was fun and very educational, but as far as future National teams are concerned I hope they are better aware and prepared with the right information they need to be successful at the National level of competition.

Thank you,

Clint Peters