Brent Morgan at the National Shooting Competition 2011

Brent Morgan's experience in Texas this year was both fun and horrible at the same time.

Brent Morgan
National 4H Shooting Sports Competition 2011
San Antonio, TX

My experience in Texas this year was both fun and horrible at the same time. The first two days were great I shot well as did my team. The first two days we shot indoors but on the last day we shot outdoors. When we shot silhouettes, at first it was going great until a coach did not follow the coaches pledge and protested my gun handling position.  Once we got it all figured out, it ended up I had to shoot again. By then, the weather conditions were much different.  The temperatures were much higher and the wind was blowing pretty well, which makes it difficult to shoot accurately.  I did not do as well the second time.
But I would like to thank all the kids because they knew that what the parents from a few states were doing was wrong. But like other sports, rifle has a lot of politics in it so I guess there’s nothing you can do. If it was not for what happened on the last day and my first silhouette score of 19 would have counted, I would have placed in the top 5 as an individual. As a team, we did great and as an individual  I feel I did well also.
I knew it was going to be hot in Texas but I did not think it was going to be as hot as it was. When you walked outside you already were on fire. It was in no way at all like it was last year when I was here shooting. Where we shot this year was also much better shooting conditions. But last year it was cooler and not as sunny.
Lastly, when we were not shooting we either hung out at the hotel or we went  into the city and went to the Alamo and the River Walk . I did not like the River Walk too much because it was not what I was thinking it was going to be at all.
 Overall, I was glad I had the chance to go to Texas again and shoot with the best of the best in the 4-H rifle program. I did not agree with how the officials dealt with my protest and also how the 4-H Air Rifle Florida Coach came around with the protest and how he talked to me and the official handling the issue. Also, how once other coaches saw what was happening to me they joined the Florida’s coaches party like Missouri’s air rifle coach and some others. I had some kids from other states coming up to me telling me that what the coaches were doing was wrong and once again would like to thank the kids and the coaches who were on my side. I  hope that in the future an issue like this will be dealt with differently and not handled as poorly as it was because I not only felt like crap for the rest of the day but I still feel like I was cheated. I know how I did but because I had to reshoot and did worse. It really hurt me but, it was good a experience and am looking forward to it again next year.  I am hoping to qualify with .22 pistol at this year’s State Days.
 I’m hoping to earn the opportunity to shoot the .22 pistol at next year’s National 4H Shooting competition in Nebraska. It would be good experience. 

Brent Morgan
Frazier Simplex Rifle Club, Pennsylvania