Brandon Michener at the National Shooting Competition 2011

News Stories from Pa participants at the National Invitational

PA National Competitors

PA National Competitors

by Brandon Michener

I had a lot of fun and meet a lot of people at the national 4H shooting competition. I also learned a lot about shooting from the other shooters for different states. My teammates and I became friends and we are still in contact with each other. I hope to see them at state days this July.

I feel like I had an opportunity of a life time going and competing at the National level. I am very proud of my team and how we conducted our selves. We all were very sportsmen like the entire time were there. Chuck our coach was very nice I enjoyed my time with him.

I had a malfunction with my rifles the first day which threw me off my game. I relize how shooting is very mental and you have to stay focused. The second day was better and I had more focus. While I shot sillettes the third day I had wished I had practiced more.

I learned more about shooting while I was there. People helped me with my shooting when my air riffle wasn’t shooting right and gave my tips before and during the competition. The range officers were also very nice and helpful while keeping all of the people involved safe

What I have to say about the state of Texas is it is hot! The local Texans were very friendly and liked to have fun. My family and I got to visit the river walk and dine on local food.

Overall I had a really great time and learned a lot in the national 4-h shooting competition. If I have the opportunity I would go to the National competition again.