Members select and care for one or more market steers and/or breeding heifers or cows and keep a record each year. (Ages 8 - 19)

Raising a beef animal can be a lot of fun and can help you to undergo personal growth and to learn skills that will help you to become a more responsible person.

The skills learned in raising livestock also will carry over into other aspects of 4-H life.

In the 4-H Beef Program, you have the opportunity to develop skills in the following areas:
  • Animal Care and Ownership
  • Honesty and Sportsmanship
  • Animal Health and Biosecurity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human Health
  • Ethics and Conduct

Project Books

  • A0210A Bite into Beef Level 1
  • A0220A On the Moove Level 2
  • A0210C Beef Group Activities Guide 
  • A1300E Animal Record for Intermediate and Advances Projects